The Benefits of Aging – Most Older Americans Have Higher Credit Scores

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Older Americans usually have higher credit scores
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When you think about getting older, you might focus on the negatives. You may not be able to jog as far as you once could, and you’ll notice a few smile lines and some gray hairs. However, lots of things also get better with ...

Credit Scores Are Better Than Ever – Why It’s the Perfect Time to Improve Your FICO Calculation

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Now is the time to work on your credit
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Credit scores are, on average, higher than they have ever been. If you’re coming out of bankruptcy or other tough financial circumstance, now is a good time to work on improving your credit score. Here’s a look at why credit scores are on the ...

When Paying Debt Can Hurt Your Credit Score – And Why

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When paying debt can hurt your credit score
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There are lots of reasons to improve your credit score. If you want to buy a new car or get a home loan or refinance your existing mortgage, you’ll get a preferable interest rate with a higher credit score. If you’re hoping ...

5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score This Year

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Good habits protect your credit score
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After bankruptcy, one of the first things to do to take full advantage of the fresh start you have is to begin rebuilding your credit as soon as possible. Within just a few months of your bankruptcy discharge, it’s time to start working on ...

Your Credit Score May Go Up July 1 – Here’s Why You May Have More to Celebrate Soon

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Some credit items will be purged Saturday
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On Saturday, July 1, many Americans will get a pre-Independence Day reason to celebrate when their credit score goes up without them changing a thing they’re doing. Both FICO and VantageScore have estimated that up to 20 million consumers will get a boost this ...

7 Truths About Your Credit Score You Might Not Know

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Things you need to know about credit
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There’s a lot of misinformation out there about credit scores. Even people that consider themselves savvy about their credit score might believe some myths that have gained traction online. Understanding how your credit score is calculated and what impacts your credit report is critical ...

Good News! U.S. Credit Scores Have Never Been Higher – But Debt Is Climbing Too

Credit score rising, but so is debt
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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently shared the good news that this spring, U.S. credit scores reached their highest levels since FICO started tracking scores (which began back in 2005). The average American’s credit score is now 700. That’s impressive on the scale of ...

Did You Know Bankruptcy Discharge Can Increase Your Credit Score?

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Bankruptcy can help improve your credit score
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Most consumers considering filing bankruptcy wrongly believe that doing so will wreck their credit score for a decade. Nothing could be further from the truth so long as you take advantage of the fresh start offered by bankruptcy and work to improve your credit ...

How Can You Take Action to Improve Your Credit Score?

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Make a plan to improve your credit
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Your credit score is made of five components – credit utilization, payment history, average age of credit, mix of credit, and new credit. Some of these facets of your score are easier to impact and control while some are more of a challenge. Here’s ...