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Tip: Use Your Credit Cards to Protect Your FICO Score

Your credit card accounts can be closed without notice
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Although it seems counter-intuitive, the fact is that if you do not use your credit cards, it can (indirectly) harm your FICO score. You might think it’s enough to have a few credit card accounts in your name, that you rarely or never use so ...

7 Habits of People With Excellent Credit Scores – And How To Improve Yours

Seven Good Credit Habits
You can learn healthy financial habits
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Getting and keeping a good credit score is not a matter of chance. Those with excellent credit work hard at protecting and improving their score. You can’t just hope for the best. A good credit score is the result of intention and healthy financial ...

Will A Balance Transfer Help or Hurt Your Credit Score?

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Be wary of balance transfers
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You may regularly see credit card balance transfer offers, but are these a good idea? Can a balance transfer hurt your credit score? Here is a look at how balance transfers work, how they can help or hurt your credit rating, and whether a ...

6 Ways to Kill Your Credit Score Fast – Part 1

Credit Score Numbers
Don’t let your score drop!
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When you think of ways to wreck your credit score, you might think of major events like foreclosure on your home or repossession of your vehicle. But there are other actions that can kill your credit score. You might not be aware just how ...

How Does Your Credit Score Stack up to the Average American’s?

How Does Your Credit Score Stack up to the Average American’s?
Is your credit score above average?
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The latest survey by FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) shows that, in general, American consumers’ credit scores are on the rise. In case you’re wondering how your credit score compares to others, the average in the ...

7 Credit Score Myths Debunked and the Truth You Need About Improving Your FICO Rating

7 Credit Score Myths Debunked and the Truth You Need About Improving Your FICO Rating
Credit score myths debunked
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Many people think they understand their credit score, how it’s calculated, and how to improve it, but thanks to a lot of misinformation that’s been perpetuated, their understanding might not be as accurate as they believe. Here’s ...

Why You May Be Turned Down for Credit Even With a High FICO Score

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Turned down for credit?
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When you’re coming out of bankruptcy, rebuilding your credit score is important, but you also need to understand that the number alone won’t guarantee your approval. Here is a look at why you could be turned down for ...

Raise Your Credit Score Strategically: Credit Utilization Hacks to Boost FICO Calculation

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Raising your credit score just takes a bit of strategy.
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Credit utilization is the amount of your revolving credit lines you’re using. It makes up 30% of your credit score calculation, so it’s a big deal. Your credit lines are the ...