Good News! U.S. Credit Scores Have Never Been Higher – But Debt Is Climbing Too

Credit score rising, but so is debt
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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently shared the good news that this spring, U.S. credit scores reached their highest levels since FICO started tracking scores (which began back in 2005). The average American’s credit score is now 700. That’s impressive on the scale of ...

How Does Medical Debt Affect Your Credit Score?

Medical debt can tank your credit score
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Medical debt is unique among other types of debt because of the complications of the insurance intermediary. This is also debt you generally don’t get into voluntarily unlike a mortgage, car loan, or credit card bill. Medical debt is a plague on the uninsured ...

Changes to FICO Credit Score Calculation Can Benefit Those Dealing with Medical Debt

FICO score changes medical debt impact Image Source: Flickr User Jay Gorman FICO score changes may impact the effect of your medical debt on your credit
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The purpose of a credit score is to help potential creditors and lenders assess whether you’re a good risk for a loan, credit card ...

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Credit Score – How to Keep Your FICO Climbing After Bankruptcy

Credit cards can help your credit score Image Source: Flickr User Ed Ivanushkin Credit cards can help your credit score
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Many consumers don’t truly understand how credit scores are calculated and are surprised that their scores don't improve despite their best attempts. That’s because the FICO calculation is complex and ...

How Can You Make Sure All Your Debts Are Included in Your Bankruptcy?

Bills in the mail

The whole premise behind bankruptcy is to get you a fresh start. But if your bankruptcy petition isn't complete and doesn't include all debts, you may not get the most complete debt relief. It's important to list every single creditor when you complete your bankruptcy ...

NBA Baller Antoine Walker Talks Bankruptcy and Financial Ruin in New Documentary

Antoine Walker and Evelyn Lozada

We like to cover celebrity bankruptcy here to show how no matter what you earn, the same money problems can get the better of anyone. Today we take a look at retired NBA power forward Antoine Walker who filed bankruptcy, pulled himself through it and ...