6 Things To Know About Your Credit Score

Do you know this about your credit score?
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Your credit score is important because it affects your finances as well as your career opportunities. Your credit score can even affect your personal life because some people take debt into consideration when forming relationships. It’s important to understand your credit score so you ...

What Is the Difference Between a Credit Score and a Credit Report? Facts to Know About FICO

Credit score
Credit score vs. credit report
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Your credit score will be critically important throughout your life for a variety of reasons. Your score is based on your credit report, and they are drastically different things. One drives the other, but you ...

7 Shocking Things That Won’t Affect Your FICO Credit Score

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Some life events seem major to you, but, because the credit bureaus couldn’t care less about them, they won’t affect your credit score. Some of these surprising things are positive and some are negative ...

Top Credit Score Myths Debunked—Tips for North Carolina Consumers

Credit score myths debunked Image Source: Flickr User Pabak Sarkar
Credit score myths debunked
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Not everything you read about credit scores is true. It’s important to separate fact from fiction when you’re trying to improve your credit score after bankruptcy. Today, we will take a dispel five of ...

How to Read Your Credit Report— 5 Top Things to Watch For and Get Fixed ASAP

Understanding your credit report is critical Image Source - Flickr User Tony Webster
Understanding your credit report is critical
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Most people are concerned with their credit score and focus strictly on the three-digit number, but there is far more to your credit profile than just the math that drives that number ...

Changes to FICO Credit Score Calculation Can Benefit Those Dealing with Medical Debt

FICO score changes medical debt impact Image Source: Flickr User Jay Gorman FICO score changes may impact the effect of your medical debt on your credit
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The purpose of a credit score is to help potential creditors and lenders assess whether you’re a good risk for a loan, credit card ...

What Is a Motion for Relief and What Does It Mean When a Creditor Files One Against You?


When you're filing for bankruptcy, you're focused on yourself and getting debt-free (and you should be). But there are other parties involved in the process – those you owe. Most of the time, creditors accept a bankruptcy filing and don't try and fight it. But ...

Does the Automatic Stay Protect Your Co-Debtor, Co-Signer or Spouse from Collections

Stop and stay

No matter which chapter of bankruptcy you choose, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, as soon as you file, an automatic stay kicks in that stops debt collection efforts. The automatic stay is designed to keep creditors off your back while the Trustee evaluates your petition ...