Celebrity Debt News: Rapper Ginuwine Is on the Brink of Bankruptcy


Rapper Ginuwine reported to be on the brink of bankruptcy - what happened?

Today we bring news of another big celebrity in big money trouble – rapper Ginuwine, otherwise known as Elgin Baylor Lumpkin. Despite a decade of platinum and multi-platinum selling albums, Ginuwine is ...

Drowning in Student Loans? New Plan Offers Hope for Struggling Borrowers

Student loans

Starting this Fall, millions more consumers with student loans will qualify for Pay As You Earn (PAYE), the most advantageous repayment plan for those with federal school debt. If you're struggling with student loans or are in default, this could be your chance to get ...

Are You a Compulsive Spender? Warning Signs and How to Get Out of Trouble

Shopping too much

Roughly 20 million Americans are compulsive shoppers – and that's not just people who love a good bargain – but people who have an actual psychological issue that causes them to spend compulsively. It's a real addiction that often results in real debt just as ...

Scam Alert: Watch Out for Calls Claiming to Be Your Credit Card Fraud Department

Credit and debit card fraud

There's a new credit card fraud that's once again spreading its ugly head again in North Carolina and across the country. This fraud can rob you of your credit card or debit card information which is then used to drain your account or max out ...

Wells Fargo Chastised in Court for Poor Treatment of Bankruptcy Filers

Wells Fargo

If you bank with Wells Fargo and are considering filing bankruptcy, there's something you should know. The bank makes it a policy of freezing funds of bankruptcy filers as a policy. Stripping access to funds is not required under bankruptcy law and can push already ...