Credit Score Game


Congratulations! You have taken the first step in "kick starting" your credit score to a higher level. You have filed bankruptcy. Bankruptcy gets rid of debts you "can't afford" and that lets you get back to paying the rest of your bills "on-time". Paying your bills "on-time" is now and has always been the key to a high credit score. With that done, it's time to take the next step in rebuilding your credit score.

You can do this! Here's how it works.

Fortunately, your credit score is determined...not by human hands...but rather by a computer using a fixed set of rules. The great news: If you know the rules, you know what to do, and also what "NOT to do", to increase your credit score.   Basically, it's just a game...the credit score game. Once you know the rules, you know how to play the game. Play by the rules and your credit score will start to increase, and will continue to increase to 700, 720, 750 and beyond.   The quicker you learn the rules, the quicker you can get back in the game. Our job is to teach you the rules and how to play the game. Are you ready to get back in the game?  

Ready To Rebuild Your Credit?

Credit Score Keys can help rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy. Need to qualify for a home mortgage loan, car loan or a personal loan? Credit Score Keys credit rebuilding tutorial videos can help you rebuild your score to 700 or higher!

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