Is Your Credit Score Making You Undateable?

Dating and credit score go hand in hand
Good credit can help you find love
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You might be great looking, drive a nice car, and be charming and witty, but if your credit score is less than average, you might fall into the category of undateable, according to new research. There are many reasons to keep your credit score as high as possible, including being able to get an affordable home mortgage, buy a car at a decent interest rate, and pay reasonable prices for utilities. All that is good, but finding love is also important – and a good credit score can help with all these things.

It may seem strange to connect romance and credit ratings, but that’s the reality now. People are increasingly savvy about the importance of good credit and if they have a high FICO score, protecting it even if that means discounting some potential partners and moving on to candidates with healthier scores can be necessary. Here’s a look at the research, how it might affect your love life, and how to boost your score.

The new trend in partner choice

How can your credit score determine if you have good potential as a romantic partner? You’d be surprised, but just as those three numbers make you a good (or bad) risk to creditors, the same may apply to a potential mate. In a study done in conjunction with Discover Credit and dating site Match, 58% of survey respondents said a good credit score is more alluring than driving a nice car. Around 50% said credit scores matter more than a fancy job title.

What may be even more shocking is that 40% of those surveyed said they’d be more impressed by a high credit score than a fit and toned physique. So, this might be a sign that your time is better spent paying bills than pumping iron if you want to find lasting love. A rep for, Dr. Helen Fisher, said, “If you have a good credit score, flaunt it” and encouraged online daters to be open about their fit FICO to attract more potential partners.

There is a lot of data to support this point. Bankrate conducted research that found 42% of people would push someone over into the friend zone if they found out they had mediocre credit and call it a “deciding factor” when choosing someone to date. Even those with lower credit scores prefer to date someone with much better credit, which makes sense. Whether you’re looking for love online or going the traditional route, your credit score matters.

Why does your credit score matter when it comes to love?

  • It’s a sign of fidelity

When you sign a financial agreement, it’s a pledge to play by the rules. Paying consistently and meeting your obligations is a habit of responsible people. If you don’t keep your promise to your creditors, potential mates might think you won’t keep your word to them either.

  • It’s a sign of stability

While drama is great on the TV screen, it’s not something most people want in real life. No matter how much you earn, you can have a good credit score if you spend wisely, pay your bills, and don’t live beyond your means. Stability is attractive to potential partners as it represents security.

  • It’s a sign of compatibility

Studies show that partners with similar mindsets on spending, saving, and finance will last longer as a pair. A low credit score is a sign that you don’t have control over your finances or spending. People want someone like-minded to be partners in love and finance for a happy future together.

Get on the path to a better credit score

Even if you’re not looking for love, a strong credit score brings many benefits. After bankruptcy, your credit score is lower, but it’s the perfect time to rebuild on the clean slate you have post-discharge. No matter your situation, if you want a better credit score, it can be done. It won’t happen overnight, and it’s an ongoing process, but you’ll be happier and financially healthier as a result. Check out the Credit Score Keys DVD today to see how to get started on a better FICO score today.



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