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    How Can You Take Action to Improve Your Credit Score?

    Planning in progress
    Make a plan to improve your credit
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    Your credit score is made of five components – credit utilization, payment history, average age of credit, mix of credit, and new credit. Some of these facets of your score are easier to impact and control while some are more of a challenge. Here’s ...

    Your Credit Score May Improve in July And You Don’t Have to Do Anything to Make it Happen

    Items to be erased from credit reports soon
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    There’s a nice surprise coming July 1 for millions of consumers related to their credit report and credit score. Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian will remove negative information from nearly 12 million credit reports – and yours might be one of them. If so, you ...

    How Does Medical Debt Affect Your Credit Score?

    Medical debt can tank your credit score
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    Medical debt is unique among other types of debt because of the complications of the insurance intermediary. This is also debt you generally don’t get into voluntarily unlike a mortgage, car loan, or credit card bill. Medical debt is a plague on the uninsured ...

    Do You Want Excellent Credit? 5 Habits to Improve Your FICO Score

    Five habits to help your credit score
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    The perfect credit score is 850 which is elusive to obtain. About one-half of a percent of Americans hit that high point. Currently, the average credit score in America is 695 which falls in the range that’s considered “good” according to Nerd Wallet. But ...

    6 Things To Know About Your Credit Score

    Do you know this about your credit score?
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    Your credit score is important because it affects your finances as well as your career opportunities. Your credit score can even affect your personal life because some people take debt into consideration when forming relationships. It’s important to understand your credit score so you ...

    What Credit Card Activities Can Benefit or Harm Your Score?

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    Use credit cards wisely to benefit your score
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    Credit card activity and debt are major contributors to your credit score. If you’re rebuilding your credit score after bankruptcy, it pays to know how your score is calculated and how your decisions about your credit cards can affect your score for the better ...

    6 Ways to Kill Your Credit Score Fast – Part 2

    Low credit rating - only 590
    Don’t kill your credit score
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    Consumers want to shield their credit score from damage, but you may not know some things that will kill your credit score faster than you could imagine. This two-part series examines six top credit score killers. You can read the first three in part ...

    Can Your Credit Score Change For No Reason?

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    Wondering why your credit score changed?
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    If you’re a credit score watcher, you may know that all-important three-digit number at any given time. If you don’t keep track of your credit score, you should. Monitoring services are inexpensive and can keep you on top of your credit score and alert ...

    7 Habits of People With Excellent Credit Scores – And How To Improve Yours

    Seven Good Credit Habits
    You can learn healthy financial habits
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    Getting and keeping a good credit score is not a matter of chance. Those with excellent credit work hard at protecting and improving their score. You can’t just hope for the best. A good credit score is the result of intention and healthy financial ...