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    Is Your Credit Score at Risk from the Equifax Hack? Is Freezing Your Credit Enough?

    Equifax hack
    The aftermath of the Equifax hack 
    Image via MarkusSpiske on Unsplash

    You may be one of the more than 143 million Americans whose private information was exposed in this year’s massive Equifax hack. Enough data was stolen to put your identity at risk including Social Security numbers, birth ...

    Using Credit Cards to Raise Your FICO Score? 7 Things to Think About When Opening New Accounts

    Credit cards
    What you must know about credit cards and your FICO score
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    After bankruptcy, when you’re rebuilding your credit score, using credit cards strategically can be one of the fastest and most strategic ways to boost your FICO score. However, it’s also important ...

    Common Mistakes People Make When Disputing Items on a Credit Report

    Credit report dispute
    Credit report dispute mistakes are common
    Image Source: Flickr User

    One of the ways to potentially improve your credit score is to clear errors off your credit report. This process starts with filing a dispute for any erroneous item. However, if you don’t take ...