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    5 Things That Won’t Help (And Could Hurt) Your Credit Score

    Signs about your credit score
    Look for the signs about what can affect your credit score
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    Your credit score is the most important three-digit number in your financial life. It tells potential lenders how likely you are to pay your debt and tells insurers and credit card issuers whether you’re a safe bet. A high FICO score is an indication that ...

    5 Times A Good Credit Score Can Make or Break You

    Five times you need good credit
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    If you chose bankruptcy to deal with your debt, it could be life-changing for the better. But after you get your bankruptcy discharge, it’s time to start the work of rebuilding your credit. Within a few months of your discharge, you should start seeing credit ...

    Is Your Credit Score at Risk from the Equifax Hack? Is Freezing Your Credit Enough?

    Equifax hack
    The aftermath of the Equifax hack 
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    You may be one of the more than 143 million Americans whose private information was exposed in this year’s massive Equifax hack. Enough data was stolen to put your identity at risk including Social Security numbers, birth dates, address info, and more. Also, nearly 11 ...

    Using Credit Cards to Raise Your FICO Score? 7 Things to Think About When Opening New Accounts

    Credit cards
    What you must know about credit cards and your FICO score
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    After bankruptcy, when you’re rebuilding your credit score, using credit cards strategically can be one of the fastest and most strategic ways to boost your FICO score. However, it’s also important to realize that you must use caution with credit cards, so you don’t get ...

    4 Reasons You Can Be Turned Down For Credit Even With a Good Score

    You can be rejected for credit even with a good score
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    You’ve worked hard to improve your credit score and it’s great. So why did you get turned down for a new line of credit or loan? Credit scores are on the rise and more people than ever have impressive credit scores. But your score alone ...

    Are You Living Beyond Your Means? Signs Your Credit Score May Be at Risk

    Living beyond your means
    Are you living within your means?
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    After you file bankruptcy and get your discharge, you have a fresh start, but it’s up to you to make the most of it. One of the first things to do is to get busy rebuilding your credit and improving your credit score. To avoid ...

    If You Qualify for a VA Loan, a Lower Credit Score Might Not Matter

    VA loans can be faster to get after bankruptcy
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    When you’re bouncing back from a financial disruption in your life, like bankruptcy, job loss, etc., your credit score will drop. Rebuilding your credit score takes time, but if you want to buy a home, in some cases, you might not have to wait as ...

    Common Mistakes People Make When Disputing Items on a Credit Report

    Credit report dispute
    Credit report dispute mistakes are common
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    One of the ways to potentially improve your credit score is to clear errors off your credit report. This process starts with filing a dispute for any erroneous item. However, if you don’t take the appropriate steps, you might mess things up and sacrifice some ...

    Credit Report Disputes May Improve Your FICO Score

    Credit report
    Filing credit report disputes may help your score
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    Your credit score is determined by an algorithm calculated on your credit report data. Each credit score calculation (and there are hundreds of them) will vary slightly. There are some specific to mortgages, some to auto loans, and others for credit cards. Credit scores can ...

    5 Great Apps to Help Improve Your Credit Score

    Smart phone with apps
    Apps can help you improve your credit score
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    Digital devices are mandatory for life in the 20-teens, but beyond sharing photos of your favorite entrée, cat, kid, or sunset, they offer free and low-cost tools to monitor, maintain, and even improve your credit. In this age of smartphones and apps, there’s no excuse ...