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    How Medical Debt Affects Your Credit Score

    Medical expenses
    Medical debt can impact your credit score
    Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay

    Medical debt is not like other debt. It’s not something you usually want to incur. It’s not a fun purchase and it’s often costly and unexpected. Medical debt is also something that can quickly spiral out of control even if you have insurance coverage. High ...

    Turned Down For Credit With a Good Score? Here’s Why

    Turned down for credit?
    Image by Isaiah Rustad via Unsplash

    There is more to being approved for financing and lines of credit than just your credit score, although your credit score is first and foremost. Depending on the type of credit you’re applying for, additional factors aside from your score may be considered as part ...

    Your Credit Score Matters – Here’s Why

    Improve your credit score
    It's time to improve your credit score
    Image by Fab Lentz via Unsplash

    Like it or not, your credit score is an all-important number. During your life, the ability to use credit for key purchases can greatly impact your quality of life. Your credit score is an amalgam of your credit and debt habits based on your credit ...

    6 Ways to Get A Better Credit Score

    Make a list of good credit habits and stick to them
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    Your credit score determines whether you can have a credit card in your wallet and get an affordable car loan or mortgage with a reasonable interest rate. Your credit score may also determine how much you pay for some utilities like natural gas, whether you ...

    How Many Credit Cards Do You Need to Improve Your Credit Score?

    Credit cards
    How many credit cards should you have?
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    If you are just coming out of bankruptcy, you might view credit cards in a dim light because of your recent debt experience. People that struggled with credit card debt in the past are often hesitant to have plastic in their wallet ever again. Even ...

    Credit Card Debt on the Rise - Protect Your Credit Score

    Credit cards
    Credit card debt is rising
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    Successfully going through with a bankruptcy filing is an accomplishment. It can be life-changing for those who recognize that they are stuck with overwhelming debt and decide to do something about it. But to make the most of your fresh financial start, you must rebuild ...

    5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Credit Score in 2018

    New Year's resolutions
    Plan now for a better credit score in the New Year!
    Image by Brooke Lark via Unsplash

    The year 2017 is behind us and with it went a year of triumphs and disappointments. If one of your regrets from last year is problems with your credit score, 2018 represents the opportunity for a fresh start. If you’re ready to improve your credit ...

    Better Credit in the New Year - How to Rebound Your Credit Score after Bankruptcy

    New Year 2018
    Make some credit score resolutions for 2018
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    NordWood Themes via Unsplash


    The New Year is an opportunity to start things fresh. It is a time when you make resolutions and goals for the coming year. Some people make overwhelming goals to revamp their lives from top to bottom and some shoot for smaller targets. Close ...

    When Rebuilding Credit, What's the Difference Between an Authorized User and a Joint Cardholder?

    Rebuilding credit
    Get started rebuilding your credit now
    Image by Corinne Kutz via Unsplash

    When you come out of bankruptcy, as soon as you have your discharge in hand, it’s time to start rebuilding your credit. For most consumers, the starting point is a secured credit card that you use responsibly. But there are also the options of ...

    6 Ways to Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

    Kick start your credit score
    Kick start your credit score after bankruptcy
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    Geirman via Unsplash

    When you’re deep in debt you can’t dig out of by yourself, bankruptcy can come in handy. But once you have your discharge, it’s time to get busy rebuilding your credit score. It’s true that filing bankruptcy will cause your credit score to dip, but ...