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    Your Credit Score May Be Higher Soon – Here’s Why

    Credit score increase
    Credit score boosts are ahead for many consumers
    Image by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash


    Life’s about to get better for a lot of people with their credit score. That all-important three-digit number may be rising soon without any effort on your part. That’s great news! All three credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian,, and TransUnion - announced that they'd ...

    5 Ways to Add 100 Points to Your Credit Score

    bump your credit score 100 points
    Bump your score 100 points - Image by Michael Gaida via Pixabay


    If you’re at the threshold of a credit category (fair, good, excellent), tacking on an extra 100 points can get you there, but how can you do it? While it’s true that re-establishing your credit after a financial fiasco is a marathon, not a ...

    Most Americans Are Working on Their Credit Score – Are You?

    Credit score
    Are you working on your credit score?
    Image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash


    Your credit score is important to optimize your financial opportunities. That three-digit number can determine whether you can buy a home, get a reasonable rate on a vehicle loan, or land your dream job. Given how important your credit score is, it should be ...

    A Mediocre Credit Score Could Cost You $45k – Here’s How

    bad credit score
    Bad credit can cost you big bucks
    Image by Artem Bali via Unsplash


    Bad credit causes problems you expect – you can be turned down for financing, jobs, and even rental property. Everyone knows poor credit holds you back but did you know that mediocre credit can be almost as problematic and can cost you tens ...

    Looking for a Job, Apartment, or Phone? You Need Good Credit

    Your credit score matters
    Your credit score matters
    Image by Helena Lopes via Unsplash


    You might think your credit score matters only when you’re ready to buy a house or car and the rest of the time, it’s not so important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your credit score affects your life and finances every day ...

    Millennials Need Credit Score Help

    Millennials credit score
    Millennials have a disconnect with their credit scores
    Image via Unsplash


    Everyone needs a good credit score to achieve their goals and dreams. Your credit score is crucial to your financial health and touches more aspects of your life than you might realize from employment to housing to insurance and utilities. Recent data shows that ...