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    What Credit Score Do You Need to Lease a Car?

    Credit score for leasing a car
    Need a car? Leasing might be your answer
    Image by Alex Radelich via Unsplash


    Let’s face it – to get around in North Carolina, you need a vehicle. There’s a lack of widespread public transportation. That means you need a car or a healthy budget to catch Uber rides. Your options for buying a car are paying cash ...

    How Much Do You Know About Credit Scores?

    Knowledge is power
    How much do you know about your credit score?
    Image via Pixabay


    On average, credit scores in America are on the rise which is excellent news. The bad news is, over the last year, consumer understanding of credit scores diminished. A recent survey by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) in partnership with VantageScore Solutions showed ...

    Student Loans and Credit Scores

    student loans
    Watch out for how student loans can impact your credit score
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    College debt keeps rising every year. Many are overwhelmed by the amount of their student loans and worry how they’ll pay them. But they don’t stop to consider what other aspects of their lives may be affected – including their credit score.

    One starting point ...

    Bad Credit Results in Travel Ban in China

    Travel bans in China
    New travel bans in China based on credit
    Image by Pedro Szekely via Flickr

    In America, good credit is the pathway to many opportunities like an affordable mortgage, car loan, and access to services like utilities at reasonable prices. Bad credit limits you, to some extent in the US, but nothing like it does in China. Changes in the ...

    5 Credit Score Concerns for Couples

    Argument over money
    Arguing over credit scores?
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    Financial stress is one of the top strains on relationships, whether you’re married or in a partnership. You can’t over-emphasize the effects of money problems on the fate of your romance. Credit scores remain a primary concern and pitfall that could split even the most ...

    10 Surprising Things That Trash Your Credit Score

    Trash your credit report
    Don't trash your credit with carelessness
    Image by Gary Chan via Unsplash

    Credit scores are an integral part of our daily lives. They effect interest rates on a mortgage, auto loan, and even basics like utilities and insurance. For optimal financial opportunities, you need to keep an eye on your credit score. Take your eye off the ...

    5 Times You Must Absolutely Check Your Credit Report!

    Credit report
    You must check your credit report!
    Image by PhotoMIX Lts via Pexels

    Your credit report is the touchstone of your financial wellbeing. If it’s flawed or erroneous, you’ll pay more in interest for crucial services like utilities and some insurance coverage, and miss out on certain financial opportunities. Despite the importance of your credit report, many people ...