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    15 Credit Score Terms You Need to Know Now

    Know your credit terms!
    Image by Romain Vignes via Unsplash

    When you’re rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy or another financial hiccup, education is key. It’s hard to understand how to improve your FICO score if you don’t know the language of credit. Today we look at some terminology. School is in session!! Here are 15 ...

    How to Help Your Partner Improve Their Credit Score

    Couples and credit
    Yes, you can help your partner get a better credit score
    Image by Mabel Amber via Pixabay


    Everybody loves a good credit score. It helps you get crucial services like utilities, cell services, and insurance at a lower price while also enabling you to get favorable rates on car loans and mortgages. But what if your score is great while your ...

    Credit Card Commandments to Resurrect Your Credit Score

    Eight rules
    Follow these eight rules with your credit cards
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    Credit cards are the fastest way to establish or re-establish your credit history. You can use credit cards to demonstrate your financial responsibility and rapidly improve your credit score. Even when you’ve been in financial trouble and had to turn to bankruptcy for debt relief ...

    What Credit Score Do You Need to Get a Business Loan?

    Small business loans
    Your credit score affects your small business
    Image by bruce mars via Pexels

    If you’re already an entrepreneur or a “wantrepreneur,” which is someone who is yearning to start a small business, you know that raising funds is key. You have to spend money to make money and for many start-ups, no matter your size, that can mean ...

    Gender Disparity in Credit Card Debt – See the Shocking Numbers

    Gender disparity
    There's gender disparity in debt!
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    Americans are more in debt than ever. According to the Federal Reserve, at the end of 2017 non-housing consumer debt reached $3.82 trillion. Every type of debt except home equity lines of credit (HELOC) increased, and 80% of Americans have some form of debt in ...

    Is Your Credit Score Making You Undateable?

    Dating and credit score go hand in hand
    Good credit can help you find love
    Image by Allie Milot via Unsplash

    You might be great looking, drive a nice car, and be charming and witty, but if your credit score is less than average, you might fall into the category of undateable, according to new research. There are many reasons to keep your credit score as ...